The story behind CORKonLINEN started with the creation of a business bag brand called Bag Affair.

Founded in 2017, Bag Affair has the goal to offer business bags for women. Bags that are practical, fashionable, but ethical as well.

Ronja Nielsen who co-founded Bag Affair worked in fashion before and experienced the negative impact that the industry has on the environment and the people behind it : missing fair salaries and manufacturing wihtout any respect of the planet.

Ronja Nielsen

Behind CORKonLINEN is one person: Ronja loves to do her very best to make people happy and to have an impact. She is a hard worker with one big goal: Make a positive impact!

If she could, she would help every person. By creating CORKonLINEN she wants to lower the impact on the fashion industry. She is very rational and uses this approach to push things to its extreme. If things can be better, let’s make them better.

We cannot save our planet. But we can stop to lie to consumers by pointing on “bio-based” super solutions while not saying that these still contain PU or other plastics.

Yes, we need to work step by step to a better result. But we also need to seriously do our very best for animals, humans and the planet.

We need to stop saying half of the truth and work harder to make things better!

The story about CORKonLINEN is a story of humans

  • Bag Affair has the mission to empower women with practical and feminine business bags. To walk in the room with the right bag impacts your self-confidence. But in the textile industry over 70% of workers are women as well. With RTFACT brands we are also fighting for equality. But we cannot sell products to empower women if we treat them badly in production. With CORKonLINEN we work without any chemicals or dangorous ingredients to health. Sounds simple: but many brands are forgetting about these people being in contact with a material.

  • Zero Plastic: Many brands and manufacturers are promising a low impact. But the lowest possible is at zero. We want to assure that CORKonLINEN will not release any microplastics. We want to keep our planet clean. Scientists already gave the proof that our food contains more and more microplastics. The only way to avoid this is having 0 plastics in our material!

  • European production: We want a 100% European product. Not because a sustainable and good production is not possible elsewhere. But we are based in France. To produce as close to us as possible helps to lower CO2 emissions but helps as well to control how and where things are done and under which conditions for the workers.