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The manufacturing process

How CORKonLINEN is made

It all started with an idea: to make a fully natural material being vegan and able to be a true alternative to leather.

The goal was a material completly free of plastics, PVC and PU.

With one result : CORKONLINEN !

The manufacturing process of CORKonLINEN

CORKonLINEN is an exceptional new material. To produce this fabric, we only use resources from the EU. The cork and linen are assembled in Portugal with a lot of manual work.

Raw materials

Cork has already been used in ancient Egypt. Linen got mentioned in the bible, and was used in ancient Egypt. This shows a long history of both materials.

Both materials are not new – but their mix is a new and unique innovation!

Making the material


CORKonLINEN qualities

100 % plant-based

All ingredients used are plant based and natural. CORKonLINEN does not contain any derivatives from petrol, neither PU in it or as coating. (PU is the most used polymer in other vegan leather alternatives)

Low waste product

While leather has a lot of cut outs, CORKonLINEN is a textile coming in 1,40 meters wide rolls. The manufacturing process allows very low waste during product manufacturing.


CORKonLINEN is perfectly circular, made from natural fibers that are able to be composted at the end of its life without any harm to the soil. It offers a unique opportunity of bio-sourced materials.*

* According to WBCSD’s report on the circular bio-economy, bio-based products are estimated at a $7.7 trillion opportunity by 2030.

Vegan and Cruelty free

None of the material used, neither glue nor colouring contains any derivatives from animal origin.

Questions about the CORKonLINEN manufacturing

You have questions, want to learn more or invite us for an interview? We are happy to exchange with you. Please use the “Contact us” page to get in touch with us.

Please repspect though that details of the assembling are protected by a patent and won’t be disclosed.

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