The Mission and Vision behind CORKonLINEN is of course strongly impacted by our personal experiences and beliefs.

Though we are also looking to make a material which answers the industry needs. Today, the shoe and bag industry needs alternatives to plastic-based materials. But we also need an alternative to so called “bio-based” materials.

Why? Because plastics can never be the solution. Raw oil is not only a very limited ressource but also strongly polluting. So is everything that is made of it: PVC, Polyester, OU and more. Microplastics are polluting our planet and we do not know what to do with all the trash anymore except sending it to another continent or burning it.

We need to do better. Our planet deserves better.

At RTFACT we do not believe that CORKonLINEN can save the planet, but maybe we can just bring in our tiny impact to pollute a bit less and to make it a little better: This is our mission and vision!


We want to offer a true alternative to leather – Natural, European and free of plastics!

The vegan handbag market is steadily growing and is becoming steadily more important. *

We want a truly biobased solution for the bag and shoe industry!

CORKonLINEN mission to be 100% natural
CORKonLINEN mission to be 100% European
CORKonLINEN mission to have 0 plastic


Today the fashion industry is part of a global pollution problem. The leather goods sector is no exception.

We want to produce closer, more sustainably, transparent and natural. CORKonLINEN was developed over 1.5 years to answer exactly this need: Being a natural material for leather goods industry, vegan and European.

CORKonLINEN has a very low impact on the planet, is resistant but at the same time compostable.

You can read the story behind the development of CORKonLINEN here.

*The vegan leather market is estimated to be worth $85 billion globally by 2025, according to a report from Grand View Research (GVR)