Assembling the material CORKonLINEN, that is made from cork and linen, is the most important step.

The manufacturing process of the material is protected by a worldwide patent and we will not disclose every technical detail here. But, in short:

The sliced cork is applied to the linen textile together with a natural, water-based glue. The cork is placed by hand, slightly overlapping.

Once placed it is pressed together.

The cork is sanded by hand in several steps.

This manual sanding process assures us to have a smooth and soft material and an even structure.

assembling of CORKonLINEN by placing cork slices

Manual work

The assembling of the CORKonLINEN material requires a lot of manual work.

The assembling is done in our workshop in Portugal. This is where we find the best expertise and people.

The linen needs to be rolled out, glue needs to be carefully applied on it. Once the glue applied, we carefully add the thin slices of cork.

From placing the cork untill sanding it, all steps are done by hand. We are happy to work with people who know the necessary craftmanship to do so. Not only does this manual work assure best quality, but it of course impacts our prices.

Fully vegan

CORKonLINEN is vegan and we work accordingly in every production step and for all materials we use. This is also valid for the glue.

The glue is made in Portugal and was developed for the material. It is water based, natural and compostable without any issues.

Cork slices placed on a textile to make CORKonLINEN
CORKonLINEN assembling in last step by sanding the material

Time and patience

Assembling a material such as CORKonLINEN is not a mechanical or industrial process. It is something which takes time, patience and love. We need to place every slice of cork manually on the tissue, one after the other.

We care for our material and we pay the highest attention to little details. RTFACT Brands assures a smooth and resistant material, but this needs time.